Small businesses in Ireland are more aware that they need strong IT support staff and infrastructure to protect the business from the increase in risk from malware, hackers, downtime and natural disasters.

However, budget constraints within most organisations does not allow for this type of advanced IT management and this is essentially the beauty of managed IT services — all of the resources and information necessary is available and is provided for the client’s business when required.

While cost will remain an important factor in the decision process behind a company embracing managed IT services, many are also now looking at the bigger picture. They now see and understand how IT can help both to enable and transform their business.

Really Good Business offers a range of managed IT solutions that support and manage an organisation’s IT infrastructure.  Our clients operate in a range of different markets, from government to professional services, finance, media and communications, retail, real estate, pharmaceutical and engineering.

The various managed IT services Really Good business offers each client depends on that client’s needs. For some, that’s simple assistance with a single aspect of their IT activities — for others we provide a complete IT department as a service.

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