The most significant technology development in infrastructure has been virtualization. From the desktop to the data centre, Really Good Business’s virtualization specialists help our clients consolidate, cut costs and realise the business benefits of a more agile environment.

We have the knowledge and experience to use Virtualization to optimize Infrastructure for any number of scenarios:

  • run multiple applications from a single server
  • quickly provision an environment for test and development
  • restore backups in minutes on Virtual Machines
  • gain more control over the desktop and applications
  • simplify the ICT estate from an IT management perspective
  • turn the ICT estate into a cloud-ready environment

Microsoft has the most extensive portfolio of proven virtualisation solutions, including Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V, Windows Server 2019, Windows Virtual PC and Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization.

We also work closely with Citrix, using its software to facilitate our Virtual Client Services portfolio. Our new approach to the desktop is easier to manage, reduces downtime and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Before we migrate clients across to a virtual environment, our engineers assess your existing infrastructure to ensure greater efficiency and a return on investment is guaranteed. After deployment, we thoroughly test the new environment before it goes live. Then we transfer our skills to your in-house team to let them run it or continue to keep it under our charge as a Managed Service.

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