Wireless and Wifi Networks

At Really Good Business, we provide a full concept to completion step by step process, which we follow to ensure you get a quality product and service. Whatever your requirements, from the numerous different types of indoor environments, to outdoor networks, or a combinatin of both, we will work with you, to ensure we design, construct and implement a custom wireless solution that provides the resilient and robust wireless network your business needs.


Indoor Wireless / WiFi Network Solutions

Indoor WiFi Networks need careful design to ensure maximum signal strength with minimal channel overlap, ensuring the ability of the network to service multiple user device density scenarios. At Really Good Business, we provide carrier class solutions using proven tools from the Wi-Fi Industries leading Manufacturers, together with the latest and most innovative technologies and solutions available in the market.

Outdoor Wireless / WiFi Network Solution

Outdoor wireless networks can present many challenges so performing a WiFi survey and detailed design is very important to ensure an accurate install. At Really Good Business we have the ability to cover large outdoor areas and design to any size network requirement, whether extending the indoor WiFi / Wireless to an outdoor area, a single Point to Point joining two buildings, or a Point to Multi Point solution. We can provide a reliable, competent solution to meet your business needs.

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