Microsoft Office 365

Delivered from the cloud, Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of applications, such as SharePoint, Exchange and Lync, integrated to achieve new levels of productivity and collaboration. Office 365 can offer you a scalable, flexible and secure solution that keeps everyone up-to-date and have the capability to share information anywhere, anytime, that provides predictable costs with minimal IT management.

For our customers, Office 365 is often the start of a transformational journey, a first foray to the cloud where we help them leverage other Microsoft products as well as integrate with existing onsite solutions. Bringing your people along on the journey is crucial to success, which is why we ensure every employee can see the benefits, real business transformation becomes a reality rather than an aspiration.

With pay-as-you-go Office 365 pricing options, the top-line benefit is about turning capital expenditure into an operational cost as you take away the burden of implementing and managing onsite software.

Other Office 365 Benefits:

  • Freedom to work anytime anywhere
  • Cutting-edge applications without the hassle of managing them
  • Collaboration tools for new ways of working
  • Increased productivity with the latest communication tools

Really Good Business also uses its software development skills to develop customised solutions that integrate Microsoft Office 365 with onsite applications or other cloud services.

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