Frequently Asked Questions

How do you provide support?

A: Your request, whether it be via email, phone or in person, gets entered into our support systems immediately and we begin work as soon as possible. Many of the support requests we receive (more than 75%) are completed while you are still on the phone – the way it should work as if you had your own really good IT department in-house. We manage all your requests and jobs (or “tickets” as we like to call them) in our own customised system so that every piece of work we do and all the correspondence is kept available for our team to view. This means that all of our staff have up-to-date information about the ticket, and we can ensure that the most appropriate team member gets to work right away. We can help your users by phone, email and, with your user’s knowledge and permission, access their computers remotely from our desks to carry out any tasks as quickly as possible.

What locations can you provide support to?

A: We primarily provide IT support to companies in Dublin and surrounding areas, though we have clients further afield. With the technologies we use we can provide an excellent support service from our offices, so in theory we could support anyone anywhere in the world. We mainly work with clients we can get up from our desks and get to asap. We support clients all over Ireland and the UK however.

Do you support Macs?

A: Yes we can. We can support Macs in a Mac environment, or Macs in a Windows environment. We have a lot of experitise in integrating the two systems and the support issues commonly faced by Mac users. We work with people from different industries who rely on Macs to get things done – designers, architects, fashion houses and other creative types.

Can you work on-site if required?

We can work on site anywhere within the city. We can also travel to most locations in Ireland and the UK if required. We can carry out most, if not all, support work remotely using a wide arsenal of tools at our disposal, but when we need to be there in person we can be there in no time at all. We don’t charge a premium or minimum time charge for working on-site – or for getting there fast! We can be at most clients offices within 10 minutes.

What are your rates?

A: We understand that every job is different, so its better to call for a free quote on 0818 288 500.

Do you sell computers and components?

A: We sell Laptops and desktops and other computer components such as hard drive, memory and internal cards. We have an online store to suit your needs.

What repairs do you do?

A: We repair a lot of devices! From serversĀ  to desktops and everything in between. Call us today to have your devices expertly repaired.

Are we too small/big to benefit from outsourcing IT support services?

A: Businesses of all sizes can benefit from outsourcing some or all of their IT support services. The most common scenario is a small to medium sized business with a handful of people, where the cost of a dedicated support person is clearly not justified by the amount of work needed. Small businesses like these are often start-ups or highly niche, specialised companies which depend on the expertise of a few people to drive the business forward. It is important for these key people to be spending time on high value work that brings in revenue, rather than getting bogged down in everyday admin and computer maintenance. Having a trusted IT support service to call can make the difference between your business being productive and grinding to a complete halt.