Hosted Services

By allowing Really Good Business to host some or all of your IT infrastructure, you are removing its physical presence from your site or sites and leveraging the experience of an experienced specialist. This has many business advantages, particularly for firms with limited IT resources.

We have a range of hosted solutions that allow our clients to concentrate on their core business. Not only does it lessen the requirement for in-house IT staff, it leads to a significant improvement in the performance of the IT environment.

Hosting solutions have become more appropriate for more businesses because the networks that facilitate hosting are more mature and reliable. Modern methods of connectivity, ranging from traditional copper and fibre to MPLS and wireless networks, have made hosting an option for businesses of all size. At the same time, the ‘consumerisation of IT’ has accelerated the hosting trend with people expecting to be able to access data anytime from anywhere.

As well as providing cost-effective and highly reliable off-site backup services that are as simple and user-friendly as the consumer experience, we have responded to the paradigm shift in the delivery and consumption of IT with a range of public and private hosted solutions, including:

  • Desktop as a Service
  • Email as a Service
  • SQL as a Service
  • SharePoint as a Service
  • Storage as a Service
  • Software as a Service

In the future, hosted applications will become prevalent as businesses use high-speed connections into data centres to access Software as a Service solutions. The time is now right to explore this new model with Really Good Business. It’s more efficient than buying software outright, paying for multiple licences and then struggling to manage and maintain it. You can lease the software from Really Good Business and let us keep it secure and up to date.

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