Antivirus & Antispam Solutions

A robust Antivirus solution for your businesses core servers, desktops and laptops is essential for the systems remaining operational – ensuring the protection of valuable data held therein.

Really Good Business provide a Centrally Managed Antivirus solution ensuring excellent visibility and oversight of all client machines and servers for any business.

Features such as Centralized Policies ensure company deployed Antivirus policies are adhered to and cannot be overridden by end user changes. Threat & Outbreak Alerts notify Support Personnel and also can be configured to re-act in order to protect system integrity.

A Multi-tiered approach is recommended when implementing an Antivirus & AntiSPAM solution. This would incorporate a perimeter based solution on your businesses network Firewall and Wireless Networks as well as the traditional implementation of Server & Client Antivirus & AntiSPAM based solutions.

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