Servers and Storage

Every organisation needs scalable server infrastructure to keep up with business demands. At Really Good Business, we will plan and implement an environment that runs business critical applications as efficiently as possible while making easy work of managing, monitoring and protecting the estate.

Our accredited virtualisation specialists will harness the power of the latest blade server technologies to consolidate your infrastructure. Using a combination of high performance servers, energy-efficient rack solutions and best-practice management tools, we can tailor the data centre environment to meet your business needs and budget. We tune servers to your workloads to maximise the investment.

Have Access to the Best Technologies Including:

High performance HP ProLiant servers handle the most demanding workloads and have embedded automation and intelligence to simplify their management
a suite of tools in Systems Insight Manager lets administrators maximise system uptime and health while optimising server deployment and power consumption

We use all our experience to deliver optimal infrastructure performance and improved operational efficiencies, allowing you to concentrate on core business, confident that your server infrastructure investment is supporting your goals.


The explosion of electronic information and the demands around data management and regulatory compliance put organisations under increasing pressure to optimise their storage. At Really Good Business, we can help you address these challenges in a number of ways.

Firstly, we encourage an approach that seamlessly integrates storage with the entire ICT estate – virtualisation layer, servers and networks. Next, we will design and install storage solutions that meet your unique business requirements. Finally, we give you the tools to manage and maintain the storage infrastructure.

A Really Good Business Storage Solution Will:

  • eliminate cycles of over-provisioning and under-utilisation
  • improve visibility, security and business continuity
  • centralise and simplify storage management
  • deliver storage as an on-demand service to meet changing needs
  • provision the right disk type and storage performance for each workload as appropriate

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