By default, Panasonic have disabled the web interface of the KX-UT VoIP phones.

To enable the web interface follow the steps below:

  1. Power on phone
  2. Wait for to be fully operational
  3. Press the Setting Button on your handset
  4. Enter #534 using the keypad
  5. Scroll down to Embedded Web and set it to On
  6. Press Enter.

The web interface should now be enabled.

You will now be able to navigate to the web interface by entering the IP address of the KX-UT into your web browser.

To find the IP address of the KX-UT device:

  1. Press the Setting Button
  2. Scroll to Information Display
  3. Press Enter and scroll to IP Address.
  4. Press Enter again – this will display the IP address of the unit.

The default login is admin as the username and adminpass as the password. Please ensure that you change this to a more secure login as soon as possible.

The web interface will close down again after 30 minutes or if three consecutive unsuccessful login attempts are made.