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Traveling on the train – wifi works fine on my iPhone but not on my laptop. Windows 10 detects the irish-rail hotspot, connects but won’t load up the captive portal; – Pinging the gateway yields a reply. [ ] A quick ping of Ping request could not find host ...

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Panasonic KX-UT136

By default, Panasonic have disabled the web interface of the KX-UT VoIP phones. To enable the web interface follow the steps below: Power on phone Wait for to be fully operational Press the Setting Button on your handset Enter #534 using the keypad Scroll down to Embedded Web and set it to On Press Enter. The web interface should now be enabled. You will now be ...

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Outlook 2013 Banner

I had experienced an usual glitch earlier – a new configuration of Outlook 2013 froze whilst waiting for the Exchange Online setup to complete. After closing it down, Outlook would not launch. Even after a reboot, Outlook failed to launch. No luck accessing mail profiles with Mail in Control Panel either, quite bizarre. A quick regedit got it back up and ...

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