Intuit have released a PDF Repair Utility that fixes most issues associated with Quickbooks and PDF conversions.  When running the PDF Repair Utility on a domain with folder redirection ( desktop etc ) – the PDF Repair Utility will fail.

We just fixed this issue with a Windows 10 Pro desktop in an SBS 2011 environment.

When launching the PDF Repair Utility – The following files are extracted to C:\%userprofile%\appdata\local\temp and are listed as follows:


  1. PDFToolCopy.bat
  2. PDFUtility.exe
  4. QB PDF Repair Tool (Old-Silent).exe
  5. PDF Repair Tool (New-Silent).exe


Further inspection of PDFToolCopy.bat reveals the following:



COPY /Y .\”QB PDF Repair Tool (Old-Silent).exe” “%userprofile%\Desktop\QB PDF Repair Tool (Old-Silent).exe”
COPY /Y .\”PDF Repair Tool (New-Silent).exe” “%userprofile%\Desktop\PDF Repair Tool (New-Silent).exe”
COPY /Y .\PDFUtility.exe “%userprofile%\Desktop\PDFUtility.exe”


The above batch file fails to copy the files when using redirected folders.

Simple solution is to copy the files from temp to a local folder and run them from there.

In our case, we ran PDF-ONENOTE-FIX1.EXE which spawned PDF-ONENOTE-FIX2.EXE, followed the instructions and fixed our PDF issue with Quickbooks 2010.

A copy of the repair utility is available at