The new Apple Pay system looks naively created to me, in terms of security, know ability and reliability.

Users are expected to take a photograph of their payment cards, and enter them into the system for processing.

Question – what happens if your phone falls into water, is left behind during the increasingly frustrating security departments at many airports, or is lost or stolen? For one, you have no phone to report the theft of your iPhone 6 or 6+. If you are on vacation and lose or drop and break your phone, all you have got to pay for hotels, food etc is what is left in your wallet.

Also, at a checkout, the amount due does not, as far as I can see, appear on the phone’s screen and there is no need for a PIN , so in my view the customer payment approval process is watered down to a “tap to pay” exercise.

In the criminal world of stolen phones, not only will the criminal have your phone, but will have your credit card details – encrypted they say – but so much encryption has been broken or is not properly set-up.

Secure systems are never “tap to pay” convenient.