Remote Support

Really Good Business provide a powerful, low carbon, secure and remote IT Support Solution to all our clients; direct from our offices – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From pcs to servers, laptops to netbooks and apple macs to smart phones – remote support is available to all.

How does remote support work?

Once our support team receives a request, a ticket is raised and the client is contacted to proceed with the remote support connection.

When the support session is confirmed, our support team will login to the clients desktop and begin to resolve the problem that the client is experiencing.

When the problem is resolved, our technician will log off, notify the customer, email the results and close the ticket off.

At the end of every month, each client is emailed a log of all connections / resolutions provided throughout the month for their own records.

Call us now on +35316877185 to discuss more options on a Remote Support Solution to suit your businesses needs.