Encryption Solutions

Hard drive and data encryption is of vital importance to any business or individual who actively stores confidential and sensitive information about their business and customers.

Really Good Business offers a service that can encrypt the entire laptop or desktop computers without the need of starting fresh. Existing servers, computers and laptops can be encrypted whilst running and do not require a “fresh install” to implement the encryption. The technology used to perform the encryption process is of the highest standard and is currently one of the most secure options available on today’s market.

Pre-boot authentication encryption provides the highest form of security and privacy. This is because all data and system files are always permanently encrypted until the pre-boot password is entered. Anyone who requires access to use the encrypted system, read and write files, etc., will need to enter the correct password each time before Windows boots to gain access to the data.

For example, If your laptop was stolen or lost and hard drive removed, the person trying to access your data would not be able to read any of the information on the drive. The data is rendered completely useless to them without the pre-boot password.

We provide complete documentation when we undertake the process of encrypting data belonging to our customers. Recovery discs are also included in our encryption service.

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