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Tesley CPVA642

The Tesley CPVA 642 routers supplied by Magnet Networks are vulnerable to an offline dictionary attack if the WPA-PSK handshake is obtained by an attacker. The WPA-PSK pass phrase has the following features: • Starts with MAGNET0 • Adds six random numerical digits • 1 million possible combinations ( MAGNET0000000 – MAGNET0999999 ) The entire keyspace can be ...

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Quickly posting this guide while working on this laptop! Even though the ASUS X205TA has a CPU which supports x64 – it’s UEFI is based on x86. No CSM option in BIOS, even with most recent update. ( ASUS, why? ) No big deal, right?  See below for a quick run through on how to do the reinstall / fresh install. Download Rufus Connect USB drive Open ...

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